How to Quickly and Easily Find the Amazon FireStick MAC Address

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You’re interested in learning how to locate the Fire Stick device’s MAC address. You might be relieved to learn that it’s not too difficult to accomplish it, and if you can locate the MAC address of your FireStick, you can do the same for Apple TV.

We are here to walk you through the procedures you must follow in order to determine your Fire Stick device’s wireless MAC address. Now let’s begin

How Do MAC Addresses Work

To become a part of any number of networks, your computer requires an adapter. Each adapter has a unique value that identifies it. That value is known as the MAC address

Method 1: Find MAC Address Through Settings

Step 1: Go to FireStick Settings

The FireStick settings screen’s excellent organisation is one of its best features. Network settings and advanced settings don’t have their own sections. There is only one screen from which you can access anything, including Wii settings.

So, click on the Settings menu icon on the home screen of your Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV device. On your Amazon FireStick screen’s right side, there is a cog-shaped icon that you can access.

To access the Settings menu and view your network information, find it and click it. In the following sections, we’ll go into more detail on how to access

Step 2: From the FireStick Device Settings Screen, Click on ‘Device’

On the Settings screen, just next to the Preferences option, you should see the Device or My Fire TV option. Click it to go to the next step in locating the FireStick device’s system information (where you will find the MAC address or physical address information).

Step 3: Select Settings Item Labeled ‘About’

Click on the “About” settings item to see the MAC address or physical address of your FireStick device on your screen. If your device is a new model, the “Developer Options” settings item should come right below the “About” settings item.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Network Settings’ Item

You need to locate the “Network” option on the new page. You might see three choices on your “About Settings” page, depending on the model of your FireStick device. The “check for system update” option should be just above the “Storage” option and beneath the “Network” option.

Your FireStick should slide open a bar on the right side if you select the Network option. It ought to display numerous console details including your Wi-Fi address, IP address, and MAC address. Use the MAC address wherever you need to by writing it down.a picture of a logo concept for network settings

That’s all there is to it; you now understand how to locate your FireStick’s MAC address information.

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